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We want to go to School We know that education is very essential in our life but these kids are away from educational faiclities.
Our transportaion Transportaion one basic element for development.
This is our culture This is our culture
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Saturday February 17 , 2018
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Different-This music video Talks about equality of son and daughter.


Why I am doing this site

People are helpless

Our People, are living helpless lives. No education, no health support, no communication, no transportation ...

I feel some dogs in town do have better life than my people.



Orphan-This music video talks about loving orphans and caring them.


Support to manage this site

Some of my friends they supported some amount of one time donation to make this website alive. here are their name list.

1. Karma Bhotia

2. Gam Bdr. Pun

3. Nanda Fagami Pun

4. Wang Bhotia

4. Kaji Gurung

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